7 books we can't live without at Wednesday's Domaine


There's not much we love more than leafing through a good book. Whether it's a dog-eared cookbook classic or something shiny and new, here are seven books we return to time and time again.

Delia's Complete How To Cook, Delia Smith - we can hear you chuckling already, but this is the OG. The fact that it has a boiled egg on the front is very revealing as you suddenly realise where your parents and all their friends learnt their "age old technique" from.

Which Wine When, Bert Blaize & Claire Strickett - having long acted as the go-to wine experts for many of their friends, the authors decided to create a simple, no-nonsense guide that points you in the direction of interesting wines for staple occasions.

Setting The Table, Danny Meyer - the man who has probably done more than any other for the reputation of New York's culinary scene, the author shares his principles for building successful hospitality businesses.

Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain - a no holds barred yarn that reveals the inner workings of professional kitchens and the mind of one of recent history's most compelling TV personalities.

Chefs At Home - created by Hospitality Action during the pandemic, this book includes recipes from some of this country's best loved chefs and is an absolute must-have.

The River Cafe Cook Book, Ruth Rogers & Rose Grey - the London restaurant over the past two decades spills the beans on some of its most famous dishes.

The Knackered Mother's Wine Guide, Helen McGinn - a wonderfully amusing and informative guide to making the most out of the wine we choose to enjoy at home.