How is it made?

We’ve taken de- alcoholised wines and blended them with natural flavours and other elements to maintain the body, flavours, aromas and complexity often lost when alcohol is removed.

Our wines originate in Spain and are bottled here in the UK.

How do I get through the wax seal?

In much the same way you would open any other wine with a cork, but check out two different ways of doing so below.

The easy way is simply to put the corkscrew straight through the top of the wax, twist and then pull to remove the cork. The cork should come flush through the wax, you just need to be careful to avoid any extra wax spilling back into the bottle.

The other approach is to use the small knife on your corkscrew (or waiter’s mate if trying to impress your friends) to cut around the top of the wax, removing it and allowing for easy access to the cork itself. From here, you then twist and pull much as you would with any other cork.

What does it taste like?

Piquant is crisp, clean and perfectly balanced. It has hints of minerality and citrus notes.

Sanguine channels lighter-bodied reds. It has noticeable depth and complexity, with hints of plums and blackcurrants both on the nose and the palate.

How many calories?

Piquant contains 41 calories per 125ML glass.

Sanguines contains 42 calories per 125ML glass.

Is there any alcohol in this? Will I get drunk?

Whilst there are trace amounts of alcohol in Wednesday’s Domaine, there’s no more than would be found in a ripe banana or a glass of orange juice (a fun trivia fact). Sanguine has 0.18% ABV and Piquant has 0.04% ABV, both of which fall well within the 0.5% threshold to be declared as a non-alcoholic drink.

Whilst EU regulations state anything below 0.5% ABV is “alcohol free”, the UK requires anything below º0.05% to be referred to as “alcohol free” and anything between 0.05% and 0.5% as “de-alcoholised”, which is why you’ll notice slightly different wording on our Sanguine and Piquant labels.

Rest assured that drinking Wednesday’s Domaine will not change your blood alcohol level and therefore will not get you drunk.

Can I drink this if I’m pregnant?

Whilst EU regulations state anything below 0.5% ABV is considered “alcohol free”, we would always recommend seeking a doctor’s advice should you have any concerns, as well as following NHS guidelines.

Are there any allergens I should be aware of?

Our wines contain sulphites with potassium metabisulphite added as a preservative in the absence of alcohol.


When will it arrive?

All orders received prior to midday should be delivered the following working day. This applies to the UK mainland, with non-UK mainland deliveries taking 2-3 working days. Our fulfilment partners will always endeavour to ship orders as quickly as possible.

What if I put the wrong address?

Should you have made an error with the delivery address, please contact us as soon as possible using hello@wednesdaysdomaine.com. Given that we aim to fulfil all orders as soon as possible, there may not be anything that can be done, however, we will always do our best.

Can I add a gift note?

At this stage, no. We’re a small team juggling lots of balls, however, we are exploring this as an option in future.

Where do you deliver?

At present, we only deliver to UK (mainland and non-mainland) addresses, however, we do plan to expand internationally very soon.

If you’re outside of the UK and would be interested in purchasing or stocking Wednesday’s Domaine, please get in touch at hello@wednesdaysdomaine.com.

What if I’m not home when it’s delivered?

Our fulfilment partners work with Parcelforce to ensure your wines arrive on time and in one piece. You should have received….

What if there’s a problem with my delivery?

Please contact us as soon as possible using hello@wednesdaysdomaine.com, detailing your issue and the best number to contact you on. If you’re able to include relevant evidence (eg. photographs) of the issue, this will assist us in dealing with your issue as promptly as we can.


How do I contact you?

You can always reach us using help@wednesdaysdomaine.com or hello@wednesdaysdomaine.com. We’re a small team, so please always include as much relevant information (inc. your contact details) and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

Can I speak to someone on the phone?

Of course - please email us using help@wednesdaysdomaine.com or hello@wednesdaysdomaine.com stating your issue and your telephone number and we’ll give you a call as soon as we can.

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