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  • A great alternative for wine, perfect for drinking with friends. I had my first glass with a meal and it felt as if I was drinking wine.

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  • Loved this! A great alternative when I am looking to have a night off drinking alcohol. Flavour and feel of wine are there.

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  • Unlike other non alcoholic whites the Piquant can be savoured and enjoyed over a longer drinking occasion. It's bursting with flavour and is a great accompaniment with food.

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Discipline doesn't have to be dry

It’s Wednesday. Only Wednesday. But you want to reach for a glass. Should you? Shouldn’t you? The pros. The cons. Cue this perfect midweek tipple. Sup sup away with all of the pleasure. None of the regret. Just bright-eyed and bushy-tailed come Thursday. Clink!

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  • hand drawn wine glass

    Great Tasting

    We’ve not compromised on flavour, neither should you.

  • hand drawn wine glass

    Low calorie

    <20 calories a glass. Good for you in more ways than one.

  • hand drawn wine glass

    Looks the part

    Gone are the days of carrying a bottle quietly into someone’s house, sing it loud and proud.

Table Talk

Our weekly serving celebrating all things food and drink. We believe in the power of sitting down, of chewing the fat and celebrating the meandering directions those conversations often take.