Doesn’t all non alcoholic wine taste terrible?


Historically, the answer to this question was broadly yes. The qualities that we associate with wine - its flavours, its aromas and its mouthfeel - rely in part on the presence of alcohol. Alcohol serves to carry and amplify those characteristics, so when it’s removed, the resultant liquid can be found lacking.

Producing alcohol free wine relies on one of several processes which remove the alcohol and which consequently impact the flavour, aromas and body of a wine. Still wines typically range from 8 - 15% ABV and for a wine to be classed as alcohol free or non-alcoholic it has to be less than 0.5% ABV. Consider that beers brewed to full strength and then de-alcoholised have far less distance to travel and you begin to appreciate the scale of the challenge.

The advent of Wednesday’s Domaine was motivated by a desire to create a superior alcohol free wine that better mirrored those characteristics more commonly found in alcoholic wines. Through the introduction of different elements which work to boost the flavours, aromas and body of our wines…