Is there wine in alcohol free wine?


There absolutely is, it just happens to have had the alcohol removed. Our wines and most other non-alcoholic wines start life as full strength wines which then have the alcohol removed. If you want to know more about the various ways in which this can be done, check out our post on how alcohol free wine is made, but let’s also dive into why starting with a wine is important.

Wine has some very unique characteristics that are very hard to replicate without a wine-making process. When grape juice is combined with yeast and fermented, the flavours and aromas that develop are incredibly complex and noticeably more so prior to fermentation.

In beginning with a full strength wine, we give ourselves the best chance of retaining some of the elements that make a wine a wine, notably its body or weights, its flavour profiles and its aromas. At Wednesday’s Domaine, we then use this wine as building block from which to create a great tasting wine alternative that maintains a lot of the elements you would associate with a full strength wine.