Where does alcohol free wine fit into my life?


To answer a question with a question, where does wine fit into your life? We all enjoy wine on a number of different occasions - whether that’s at home with a midweek dinner, on the sofa with your favourite box set, whilst out with friends or alongside a Sunday lunch - and alcohol free wine is no different.

Alcohol free wine, unlike other wine alternatives, retains the characters of alcoholic wine - it has a similar body, aromas and appearance - and so serves as a perfect alternative in those moments when you want a glass of wine, but would prefer not to for whatever reason.

For our founder, Luke, it was his desire to remain mentally and physically fit that led him to engage with alcohol free alternatives, allowing him to enjoy the experience of settling into a glass of something knowing that he didn’t have to worry about the effects the next day.

That’s not to say that alcohol free alternatives can’t be enjoyed alongside their alcoholic counterparts - a growing number of people consume both on various occasions, allowing them to change tact as and when they feel like it.