⌛ Table Talk #50 - Why you should take five - or take fifty 🛌


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At this week’s table, we discuss wasting time - and why that's not such a bad thing, after all.


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Kill some time. 

Speaking of Wordle, have you given Heardle a try?

Got more than a few minutes to kill? Ignant’s got you covered with hours of beautiful images. 

Or set aside an entire afternoon and get lost in the essays from the London Review of Books.

🍝 Main Course 🍝
Something wasted, something gained?

Something Harry Styles said at a recent press conference for his upcoming film, My Policeman, got us thinking. It was about wasting time:“For me, the reason why the story is so devastating is that, ultimately, [it] is about wasted time…Because it’s the one thing we cannot control. It’s the one thing you can’t have back.” It struck us because come autumn, wasting time is kind of okay. Slowing down and drawing closer around tables and steaming bowls of spaghetti and loved ones. To speak frankly, it feels a relief after a summer which was all about living largely, all the time. The events over the last three years have compelled people all around the world to live deliberately, and with urgency. The past season was record breaking for European travel, with check in’s at Turkey’s famous Cappadocia alone capping at 2.2 million on Instagram. Never before, it seems, did we all feel driven to carpe those diems.

But the other side of this attempt to Live Life To The Fullest is burnout. Our obsession with making every second count is robbing us of life’s small, everyday joys: a warm exchange with a stranger on the way to work. A conversation with a loved one. A simple meal at home. The greatest moments of our lives should not only be reserved for the big days when we travel around Europe, but also for the quiet, in-between, unremarkable Wednesdays. 
Wasting time should be celebrated, not lamented. By building things into our days that are want-to-do’s and not have-to-do’s, researchers have found we actually gain energy and live life more meaningfully. If that’s the case, perhaps Harry would amend his comment to say that a wasted life is certainly a tragedy, but wasting some time never hurt anybody.

🍮 Sweet Endings 🍮  

Speaking of wasting time meaningfully... This summer we curated the perfect playlist to keep you company in the sunshine. As the days grow colder, we will be sharing our best ever films to enjoy alongside a glass of Wednesday’s Domaine. 

First up is Chinatown (1974), directed by cinema heavyweight, Roman Polanski. 

This gritty, detective classic stars Jack Nicholson as private eye J.J. “Jake” Gittes who is hired to solve a crime in 1937 Los Angeles for someone named Evelyn Mulwray. Things get complicated when he meets the real Evelyn (Faye Dunaway), hurling him into the dark underbelly of L.A’s crime scene. 

Watch for: beautiful cinematography, old school romance, killer dialogue.

🍷 What News From Wednesday's Domaine? 🍷

Whilst we’re sampling at Raye The Store this evening from 16.30 - 18.30 (details here), we’re also making ourselves comfortable at a few new permanent homes too. As of this week, you can find us at Unwined Tooting and our first location outside of London is soon to be announced.

This week also saw us complete our third bottling run, with plenty of behind the scenes content finding its way onto our Instagram very soon.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading - until next week. 

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