☃️Table Talk #60: Same Holiday, New Traditions 🎄



Welcome to Table Talk, where things are feeling a lot like Christmas already. This week, we are musing about traditions, and how there’s so much joy to be found in playing with the mould and finding new ways to celebrate well-loved holidays. But first, some seasonal cheer to set the mood.



Seasonal Swoon: we love the cosy rooms at Glebe House Devon and couldn’t think of a better wintery escape.
Dishes to Delight: Bre Graham has launched her new cookbook, Table for Two. Just in time for Christmas stockings.
Wish list: step up for wish-list with the help of Glassette.
 Christmas, your way
We’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas, and the expectations that surround the holiday. If you, like us, were raised on Hollywood movies that sold us the dream of yuletide tables laden with a turkey and all the trimmings, and homes decked in snow with doorways lined with mistletoe, you might find yourself disappointed by the reality of the holiday. Often, Christmas tends to look and feel a lot less glamorous, and perhaps even a little stressful.
A photo by Slim Aarons of a woman in a swimming pool with a Christmas tree.

But one of the lovely things about growing older and wiser is realising that life is, in fact, not a movie. It’s better than that. We have the gift of crafting our own Christmases to suit our families - whether they be genetically given, or forged in friendship. We are not bound by scripts that demand traditional roasts. Our Christmas menu can begin and end with pasta, or a banging curry, or, if we’re really scandalous, a barbecue. Maybe you decide to hop on a plane and celebrate the occasion on a beach in Santa-adorned board shorts. Maybe not. Whether the holiday is a day of observance or simply a moment to reconnect with the people you love in a way that makes sense, we hope it is a special day for you. 

This Christmas, we hope your day is very much not the expected movie-set tableau and, instead, something far more real and relevant to you. 

Rocking around the Christmas tree.

This season, we’d like to gift you a playlist that’s more than Mariah Carey and Wham (no disrespect to them, though). Think timeless hits and newfound favourites to brighten up damp days and ease the end-of-year-madness in the evenings. This week’s additions include Elvis Presley and James Brown. We’re excited for you to listen. 
Link here.

Three women sit around a Christmas tree listening to a record.

As the year begins to draw to a close, we're reflecting on what an incredible 12 months it's been. Since January, we've developed and refined two alcohol free wines we're super proud of, built a brand, found some incredible suppliers, launched and then proceeded to spend five months telling anyone who will listen about all things Wednesday's Domaine.

It's something that we wouldn't have been able to do without all of your feedback, support and encouragement, so thank you as we embark upon the final push into Christmas and our first ever Dry January.

Until next week,
The Wednesday's Domaine Team.