🍝 Table Talk #48 - Toast, The Greatest Meal Ever? 🍞


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At this week’s table we celebrate the start of autumn, discuss the joy of toast, and end with the sweet sounds of Cymande.

🍡 Amuse-Bouches 🍡
Summer Is Out, Autumn Is In

Do you remember? 21st night of September? We’ve been waiting all month to say that, and to share this groovy link.

Over & Out. This week marks the end of summer (!) with the autumn equinox. To celebrate, here are the best walks in the UK to take in the season.

From the Mouth of Babes. School is now well & truly back for the autumn term, so here is some Recess Therapy if today has just been too much. 

🍝 Main Course 🍝
On Transitional Eating

Nigel Slater titled his book “Toast” because it is the greatest meal that anyone has ever made. As he writes, there is no ailment, no malady, that cannot be cured by a slice of perfectly browned bread with slatherings of butter on it. We’d tend to agree.

These transitional months pose important culinary questions for the food obsessed. It’s too cold for lettuce leaves tossed in lemon, or tomatoes doused in balsamic vinegar and basil, but still too warm to haul out the Le Creuset and slow-roast ribs for hours on end. As a solution, we would like to laud the oft overlooked virtues of Things On Toast.

The film adaptation of Nigel Slater's Toast

Any cookbook worth its salt will have a section exploring the above. The legends of the UK food scene, River Cafe, have one in theirs, which solidifies our point. And because there are endless possibilities of bread and topping combinations, there is no occasion that toast cannot satisfy.

Perhaps, though, it’s not what’s on the toast that matters but, just that: the occasion it completes. Like crunchy sourdough slathered with butter, chomped alongside a steaming cup of coffee on a drizzly autumn morning. Or piled high with rocket, figs (in season now!) and blue cheese for an office lunch. Or with last night’s leftover bolognese on the couch, post-work, when it’s already dark outside, but it doesn’t even matter. 

While we're on the topic, here are a couple of recipes that go beautifully with a weeknight glass of Wednesday's Domaine:

Anna Jones’s bitter greens on toast & Sanguine, our red.
Diana Henry’s beans on toast & Piquant, our white.

🍮 Sweet Endings 🍮
Boogie Into The Rest Of The Week

 Weekends shouldn’t get to have all the fun, which is why all through summer we have been sharing our favourite soundtracks to keep the good times rolling from Saturday through to Wednesday.Today's grooves are from the 1970s kings of funk, Cymande

Don't forget our Funk & Soul homage #1 is also available on Spotify.


🍷 What News From Wednesday's Domaine? 🍷

If you have actually spent your time reading this whilst watering your neglected summer plant, and are realising it might be too late for the little guy, we have a solution for you. Our month-long pop up at Raye also features our friends Patch Plants, who have plenty of new plant babies for you to take home. 

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