🎈Table Talk #51 - Happy Halfway Through Sober October 😎


Welcome to Table Talk, a celebration of brilliant dinner table conversation delivered straight into your inbox every Wednesday. This week is all about celebrating Sober October, and how a month of no booze does not mean a month of no fun.

First, some nice things completely unrelated to being booze-free.
Read: If you don’t follow Lists of Note, we highly recommend you do. This one is particularly worth the read. 
Eat: Very excited about the new cookbook by Georgia Levy, Let’s Do Lunch, which is all about delicious, quick and easy ideas for your midday meal. 
Shop: Lastly, we are loving the current designs on Everpress, who do small batch prints to sustainably support independent brands, designers and artists.

No Alcohol ≠ No Fun

If you’re reading this, you’ve made it just about halfway through October. If you’re doing Sober October, this means you have lasted 12 days booze-free. We salute you! It’s no mean feat. You might even at this point feel like packing it all in and pouring yourself a drink. Maybe you already have, or didn’t bother taking on the challenge at all. Whatever the case, you’re in good company. For a brand that sells alcohol-free wine, you’d expect us to be bastions of sobriety - but let us assure you, this is not the case.

Wednesday’s Domaine was born out of a desire to simply have choice: not every occasion asked for alcohol, but the alternatives to a nice glass of wine didn’t feel like a fair trade off. And that’s where we stepped in. Wednesday’s Domaine is for tables crammed with loved ones and bursting with merriness; laden with platters of delicious food and drink, alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike. It’s the occasion that matters more than the fare, in our opinion.

Wild swimming in the autumn.

There are many reasons to take a break from drinking. Perhaps you’re going full Gwyneth Paltrow and detoxing ahead of the boozy Christmas period. Or perhaps you just wanted to see if you could complete the challenge. Whatever the reason, there is plenty of research that showcases the benefits of taking a break from booze. What we’d like to remind you of, whatever your reasoning, is that a month of sobriety does not mean a month of no fun. 

If you’re considering skipping the pub all together in order to avoid the temptation, trying low or no-booze on your next outing is an easy solution. It simulates the habit without any of the unwanted side effects. For extra motivation, you could also take note of the positives that come up throughout the process: less anxious? Sleeping better? Lost a few pounds and saved many more £’s? Celebrate it. Use Sundays to finally do that Seven Sisters hike you’ve been meaning to do, or take up a new hobby (we recommend the wild swimming craze!). Reframing what we find fun beyond late-night drinking might surprise us. 
And if you do happen to land yourself with a cocktail for company, don’t sweat it. There’s always tomorrow to start again, and only if you want to.

What we're watching.

To ease us into earlier evenings, we are sharing our favourite films all autumn, all of which go very well alongside a glass of Sanguine or Piquant

This week’s film is the comedy-drama, The Farewell (2019), written and directed by Lulu Wang. It follows a Chinese family navigating the terminal diagnosis of their beloved grandmother, and how family bonds can soothe even the most difficult moments. Available currently on Netflix. 

Watch for: moving dialogue, beautiful cinematography, unexpected humour.

The cast of the film, 'The Farewell' (2019).



Things are heating up here and it's always pleasure to be able to share the latest. Those based in Hackney can now find us at the beautiful Wilton Way Deli & Wines and we're soon to surface at spots in both Finsbury Park and Crouch Hill.

After getting the chance to meet a number of new faces last week at Raye The Store (where we'll be until 27 October), we're over the moon to have our wines being served at Courier's latest book launch - The World's Best Shops - tomorrow night.

That's all from us, we'll see you next week. 

The Wednesday's Domaine Team x