🧀 Table Talk #62: Do the Crimbo Limbo 🛏️


Here we are: the final Wednesday of 2022. It is said so often now that it feels meaningless, but where has the time gone?! We hope that you are recovering from a joyful few days last week and settling into some much needed respite. This week’s Table Talk is all about how to make the most of the final few days of the year – or, as we fondly refer to it, the Crimbo Limbo.


Cook: spare no left-over with these recipes. 
Watch: a reminder of the simple things to appreciate now that we can. 
Read: if you have time to kill, might we suggest one of these short reads from Potluck Zine. 

 Do the Crimbo Limbo.
We have arrived at that time of year once again: the No Man’s Land between Christmas and New Year’s Eve where time is suspended, calories are not counted, and beloved films are played on repeat. Leftover Christmas cheese platters are permissible as breakfast, lunch or dinner, and pyjamas are all-day attire. It is a rare and fleeting blink within the year when an entire nation allows itself to rest. A collective sigh at the end of one long inhale.
There is something delicious about that concept. Often, rest feels indulgent and unnecessary. Spending an entire day reading or watching a film is deemed a waste of time when the rest of the world is busy at work. But for this brief collection of days, there is no guilt to be felt, no regret to be had, because (almost) all of us are in the same boat.
A candlelit bathtub scene
For that reason, this newsletter holds off on recommendations on how to best spend this period. Maybe you’re a part of one of those families who run half marathons every morning during festive reunions. Maybe you’re breaking the world record for how many naps a person can take in one day. Recovery and rest look different for everyone. We hope yours is exactly what it should be. What if we could carry that feeling into the rest of our year? To incorporate unashamed rest into our lives every week, rather than as a once-off? Our guess is that we might be a happier, less-stressed society for it. 
But let’s not dwell on the future. It’s good to be here, for now, in the Crimbo Limbo. May your couch be comfy, your snacks delicious, and your wine glass always full. See you in the new year.
Singing in the New Year.
Our festive playlist has taken a calming turn. We have introduced the likes of Laura Marling, Leon Bridges and Sean Angus Watson to croon you into the new year. Enjoy.
A woman dances in 60s attire
Coming to the end of the year often invites reflection, and reflection is something that those building businesses are rarely good at. Instead, time and energy are focused on looking forward and to the future, instead of sitting back to consider what's passed and what's been achieved. Today, we're doing our best to break the cycle and to raise a glass to a year in which we got the chance to bring Wednesday's Domaine to life, and to begin our journey to bring quality alcohol-free wines to the masses in earnest - cheers to that! 
Until next year (!),
The Wednesday's Domaine Team.