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⚙️ Table Talk #87: A Conscious Uncoupling 🍷🥩


When Gwyneth Paltrow announced that she and Chris Martin were consciously uncoupling, back in 2014, the internet giggled.

The internet has a habit of giggling at novel concepts. It makes them seem safer. Nine years on and Gwyneth has strangers approaching her in the street saying things like: "Thank you for introducing that concept because, I've become good friends with my ex."

This famous duo kick started a cultural shift. They rode the laughter, knowing that what looks like mockery is often a back handed compliment.

Today's Table Talk muses on conscious uncouplings in the culinary world.



Marvel: at a gazpacho cocktail with all the flavour and none of the colour 

Question: whether cutlery is dead

Discover: the dairy-free burrella that's eating burrata for breakfast 


There are almost as many wine myths as wine varieties.

We've debunked a bundle of them in Table Talk, disputing that the UK's not fit for quality wine making in #43
 and there's no such thing as alcohol free wine in #21.

The myth we're busting today is that red wine goes with meat, white wine goes with fish, end of story. 

Yes steak pairs beautifully with Cabernet, and seabass with Sauvignon Blanc, but to suggest no other colour will do, is to us too binary a tale. 

Wine is a bicurious creature, it's time we consciously uncouple red from meat, white from fish and keep tradition on its toes.


Tradition On Its Toes

Next time you're plotting a dinner party menu, entertain your tastebuds with some novelty too.

Spice things up by pairing a Pinot Noir with sticky miso tuna or a white Rioja with slow roasted, rosemary laden lamb shoulder.

If it's our wines you're pairing, try Sanguine with grilled salmon or Piquant with steak tartare.

And if you're really here for the underdog, remember that rosé often gets overlooked when it comes to food pairings. It's seen as a drink to be enjoyed al fresco, perhaps with a salted pistachio in tow, but that's about all. A dry Rosé works well with everything from grilled fish, to iberico ham and back again via cheese-toasty-land. 


While the sound of crispy chickpeas and strawberries might surprise you, they're a dream team of a combo when cosying up on a bed of sumac yogurt and this sumptuously summery recipe by Bold Bean Co proves it.

Crispy Chickpeas, Strawberries + Sumac Yogurt


I've spent the lion's share of the last two weeks on the road visiting existing and prospective customers. Almost 1,000 miles, 40+ visits and more podcasts than you can shake a stick at.

For anyone intrigued by the life of a travelling salesman, find my full rundown (and podcast line up) here.

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