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⚙️ Table Talk #111: One Pot Wonders 🍜

In the kitchen, as in life, there are trends that twist and trends that stick.
At the start of this year, we told you that our January was going to be all about the one pot wonder. We imagined a brief flirtation, but we’ve ended up in a love affair, and you know what... we’re down with it.
Today’s Table Talk is an ode to our new beau, the flash in a pan that stuck around.
So why the intoxication?
Well, for starters they’re wonders when you’re hosting and don’t fancy being slave to the stove or washing up until the early hours.
But they’re also somewhat therapeutic. You chop stuff up, you lob it in, you stir. You chop more stuff up, you lob it in, you stir again. One pots have a gloriously methodical style of coming together. Minimal fuss, maximum results, oh so soothing…and cheaper than therapy.
Our bibles? Read right on.
Photo Credit: Anna Jones: One Pot, One Planet
In no particular order...

Leon’s Happy One Pot Cooking 
- With helpful chapter titles like ‘Low & Slow’ or ‘Cosy & Warm’ you can find the perfect recipe, pronto. We’re big fans of their Turkish Style Eggs With Yoghurt & Greens.
Amelia Christie Miller’s Bold Beans Cookbook - A brand on a mission to make the world obsessed with beans and amassing famous fans thick and fast - think Thomasina Miers and Melissa Hemsley. We love their Kimchi & Black Bean Quesadillas.
Jamie Oliver’s One - You can’t go wrong with Jamie, and this book is his ultimate homage to making your life simpler. His Smashed Lemongrass Chicken and Toffee Apple Buns are real crowd-pleasers.
Anna Jones’ One Pot, One Planet - Okay so this one’s a bit of a classic and we may be preaching to the choir, but if you don’t know it, we’ve got your new favourite cookbook ready and waiting. Try the Baked Dahl with Tamarind-Glazed Sweet Potato, or Golden Rosti with Ancho Chilli Chutney.
Rukmini Iyer’s The Roasting Tin - Actually just one book in a whole series. Rukmini is the ultimate one pot wonder devotee. The Slow Cooked Leg Of Lamb With Harissa is an all time great, and their Orange Scented Peach Cobbler 

Yes, our cookbook shelf is creaking.
Photo Credit: Bold Bean Cookbook
Want a recipe for the here and now?
Why not explore the Hairy Biker's One Pot Wonders blog page which offers up recipes free of charge. Their Sunblush Tomato Risotto positively oozes comfort. 
Or take a gander down the Canopy & Stars' One Pot Wonder edit. As professional glampers, these lot are experts at balancing luxury with minimalism. Their Orzo Genovese & Samphire recipe looks damn good.
What news from us? Quite a bit actually.

Last week was spent criss-crossing vineyards, leafing through our Spanish phrasebook and indulging in the local cuisine.

We're cooking up something delightful and can't wait to share more in the coming weeks.

Until then, mum's the word.

Luke x 

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