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⚙️ Table Talk #119: Midnight Baseball & Bacon Pies 🥧

Last Thursday marked the Summer Solstice and official start to summer.

While some special days divide, it’s hard to contest a celebration of sunshine and reminder to slow down, reflect and reconnect.

Today’s Table Talk delves into the wild and wonderful ways in which different cultures celebrate, from midnight baseball to bacon pies.


In the Northern Hemisphere, Summer Solstice marks the longest day and shortest night of the year. A moment in time where the sun feels motionless and days feel endless.

In the Arctic Circle and Northern Iceland, the sun doesn’t actually set at all, it grazes the horizon then rises once more. The perfect recipe not just for festivals, but also midnight sports, whether golf in Iceland, or baseball in Alaska.

Over in New York, a day long series of yoga classes unfold in Times Square. Thousands of yogis come together, mats side by side, calm replacing chaos in this, usually manic, hub. The solstice miraculously creating space for mind over metropolitan madness. 

Midnight Golf Iceland
Photo Credit: Golf Digest

Back in Europe celebrations take all sorts of shapes and forms.

The Swedes solstice in style, donning wildflower headdresses, dancing the maypole and drinking schnapps until the new day is born.

The Latvians, making bonfires to dance around and jump over (a ritual that's said to bring luck and health in the year that follows), before chasing all that with beer, cheese and a bacon pie.

Us Brits, gathering in our masses at Stone Henge, welcoming each ray of sunshine through the famously mysterious neolithic stones, dancing from dusk till dawn.

When so many special days and holidays have been commercialised to the nth degree, it’s striking how gloriously untouched solstice celebrations appear to be. The modes of celebration may vary, but what doesn't is the simple desire to break from the hustle of life, sync with the seasons and celebrate amongst friends, family and strangers alike.

Swedish Maypole Dancing
Photo Credit: Anna Hallams



Whilst always late June, the exact day of the solstice swings back and forth in line with the leap year.

It is regardless annual, unlike Uranus whose Summer Solstice only happens once every eighty four years!


The experience of bringing a fledgling young wine brand to life is something I have the chance to speak about often.

Something that I rarely cover, however, is doing that alongside becoming a father for the first time, and everything that doing both has entailed.

I was absolutely delighted to become the first dad to be profiled in Bump & Baby's Stories section and really do hope that I was able to talk about the experience from a father's perspective in a way that helps and resonates with others.

Until next Wednesday,
Luke x

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