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⚙️ Table Talk #107: Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey 🐒

We’re officially over the hump. 
The shortest day has been and gone, New Year has come knocking, resolutions are the talk of the town.
We’re all in aspiration mode; busy setting big, bold, broad intentions.
Today’s Table Talk ruminates on how to temper romance with realism when it comes to our resolutions. 

We’ve welcomed the winter solstice, every day is getting lighter and optimism for a new year and new chapter ripples among us. It’s oh so natural at this time of year to fall for the majesty of big, ambitious, romanticised resolutions. This year however, our resolve is not to.
It’s said that on average, 80% of resolutions fail. So much good intent, so little success. It’s made us wonder whether the lofty intentions that look so good in the front page of a new diary are actually a little overambitious.
Fancy joining us in biting off a little less, but actually doing more?

The impact coach Katie Sandler recommends something she calls ‘chunking’. In other words, looking at the year ahead in four three-month chunks, each of which with their separate goals. It coaxes us into making small steps, but often. It makes whatever you’re aspiring for actually feel surmountable. It also allows these goals to feel more personalised and better tailored to the months that they fall.
Wednesday’s Domaine is all about small steps. When it comes alcohol, we realise that for most folks, going cold turkey isn’t realistic (or necessarily appealing). Rather for most, a slowly slowly catchy monkey path is the best one.

We’re here for the little stepping stones and steady pace be that switching your Sunday afternoon pub pint for an alcohol free alternative across Jan, flossing three times a week (because every day feels downright dull) in Feb, or turning up the music and dancing around the kitchen on the days you can’t be bothered to exercise in March.  


For us, the first chunk of 2024 is going to be all about the one pot. Wonders for hosting and not being a slave to the stove. Wonders for washing up. Our bibles? The Bold Beans Cookbook, The  Hairy Bikers' One Pot Wonders and Anna Jones' One Pot, Pan, Planet.

Launching with a red and a white wine was always just the start for us. Last summer, we teased a limited edition release and it gave us a flavour for how much interest there is in other wines that suit other occasions.

We've taken that energy and inspiration and ploughed it into some serious behind-the-scenes work that is slowly (whisper it) bearing fruit. Very tasty, incredibly delicious fruit, if we say so ourselves.

Bear with us for another couple of months and you'll be the first to hear when we've got something new to share.

Luke x 


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