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⚙️ Table Talk #110: Aphrodisiacs Only 🦪

Some national days (yes we're looking at you Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day) we struggle to keep up with, but the classics we love and this week they’ve come thick and fast.
So fast in fact, that this morning we were still busy combing pancake batter out our hair when we realised Valentine’s Day had snuck up on us and we were woefully underprepared, no restaurant reso in site. 
Dreaming up delicious alternatives is sort of our bread and butter though, so undeterred we’ve come up with a plan.
Introducing Aphrodisiac à la carte. 


They say laughter, then love so what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a deliciously nonsensical menu, made exclusively from aphrodisiacs?
Whether a couple, thruple or riding solo, the absurdity is bound to have you chuckling and that’s a great place for any evening to start. 
Ready to turn your lights down low and ovens up hot? Us too.
Photo Credit: Scottish Shellfish
So what’s on the menu? 

Well there's lots of ways you could go, but here's our plan if you did want to poach it...
FOR SNACKING: Pistachios --> said to get your blood flow pumping, and so damn delicious 
STARTERS: Grilled Oysters With Butter -->  one of the best sources of libido loving zinc, and makes us feel dead chi-chi 
MAIN: Spiced Chickpea Stew With Coconut and Turmeric --> more zinc, and just the most comforting hug in a bold style dish 
SIDE: Jewelled Broccoli & Feta Salad --> the jewel here being pomegranates, which contain polyphenols, which are said to boost female libido 
DESSERT: Poached Pears In Chocolate Sauce --> pears (according to the trusty internet) being a shapely and arousing fruit and chocolate containing serotonin, said to enhance mood and up stimulation 


Photo Credit: Islands Chocolate


All this talk getting you a little frisky? Need to cool off? How about a spot of bareskin running? Just another way of keeping February fresh.

The last few weeks have seen us bring aboard a string of indie wine shops and delis we'd been eying for a while and are beyond proud to now be stocked at.
There's Mare Street Market Deli and Liquor Store serving up picky bit goodies right in the heart of Hackney, Panzers the absolute treasure trove in St. John’s Wood and Newcastle's Local LCL the corner shop and coffeehouse made by locals, for locals. ⁠And that's just to name a few. 

Where else would you love to see us? Drop us a note and we'll make it our mission to make it h

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