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🍔 #20 - Pound for Pound Comparisons 🥊


Little over a week on from Shrove Tuesday and I’m still wrestling with two questions that seem to trouble me around this time every year. The first is why don’t we all eat pancakes more often? How is it that that citrusy, sugary goodness (never Nutella) only hits my lips once a year?! The second is rooted in the realisation that I’m getting older - where once my appetite was never sated, I’m now slowing up and raising my hands in defeat after only three or four. Will that ever be reversed or am I on an inexorable downward trajectory towards a single, annual pancake?

Can you see a face?

Can you see a face?

🥊 London’s Best Pound for Pound Eats 🥊

Moving from batter to dough, last week’s closing feature (#19) confirmed that your collective love of sandwiches remains undiminished as I received various photos showcasing a range of the capital’s finest examples. One message in particular - featuring an absolute beauty from Coqfighter, tagline: “fried chicken for grown ups” - came served with a thought-provoking side - what is London’s best pound for pound meal?

Now for those of you who have no idea what pound for pound even means, it’s a boxing phrase that allows for comparisons across weight classifications, a concept that was potentially created for the sole purpose of sparking endless what if? style canteen conversations after a round of sparring.

Up there in the pound for pound rankings...

Up there in the pound for pound rankings...

If we take that knowledge and apply it to food, all of a sudden we can compare The Ledbury’s recently relaunched eight-course-£180-a-head spectacular with Dom’s Subs‘ Meatball M*rinara. Result! I want to leave this one to percolate with you for a few days and would love to hear your answers, but to get this moving, I’ll lead us out with Troy Bar in Shoreditch.

If you’ve never had the chance (or misfortune) to step into a closed nightclub during the daytime, you’ll know it’s often nothing to write home about. Masquerading as a nightspot come sunset, Troy Bar puts paid to that narrative, serving up endless bowlfuls of delicious Caribbean food every single lunchtime.

Staffed by a wonderfully welcoming all-female team and served in amongst the house band’s equipment, you’re coming away with a stomach loaded with jerk chicken, change from £10 and confidence in your conviction that you won’t find a better value lunch in all the land London.

❓ Uncorking Wine ❓

By now, you probably know that we’re all in on inclusivity and breaking down barriers when it comes to wine. Well, back in early December (#8), we featured a delightfully accessible book called Which Wine When by Claire Strickett and Bert Blaize, which does exactly what it says on the tin…

Dreaming of a takeaway and not sure what pairs well with a saag paneer and a handful of onion bhajis? They recommend a zesty and fresh white, such as a Vinho Verde, or a Pinot Gris, an off-dry white option. Looking to cut through the indulgence of your secret Sunday cauliflower cheese? Go for a red Burgundy, with the acidity of the Pinot Noir offsetting the creamy rich sauce and the fruits “working almost like a chutney would with cheese”…

A book that always pairs well with a glass of wine, alcoholic or not...

A book that always pairs well with a glass of wine, alcoholic or not...

If you work on the assumption that it’s always the food that changes the wine, rather than the other way around, it’s a really useful starting point to know that:

  • If food is sweet, wine will be more drying and bitter, more acidic and less sweet and fruity.
  • If you have umami flavours at play, the same is true as above.
  • With salty foods, wines will seem less drying and bitter, less acidic, more fruity and have more body.
  • When it comes to acidic foods, you’ll experience wines as less drying and bitter, less acidic and more sweet and fruity.

⚙️ The Latest at Wednesday’s Domaine ⚙️

And finally, it’s an exciting time behind the scenes - bottling runs have been scheduled, branding is being finalised and plans to get our wines into your hands and onto your tables are afoot.

More details to follow on our Instagram and through Table Talk, so keep your eyes peeled and please do continue to spread the word the next time you hear someone mention that “all they want is a glass of wine, but it’s too early in the week…”

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