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☃️ Table Talk #106: Wonky Wonderland 🎄

Welcome to the last Table Talk of 2023. 
This time last year, we mused about traditions, and how there’s so much joy to be found in playing with the mould and discovering new ways to celebrate well-loved holidays.
Today we come back to the same message, but are serving it up with new toppings, trimmings and sides.
There are great traditions (the ones that flood us with a delicious feeling of familiarity) and then there are not so great traditions (the ones that make us feel stressed, stretched and under pressure).
In the pursuit of a happy balance, this year we’ve decided to bring something old, something new and something borrowed to our Christmases. We’re cherry picking our favourite festive traditions, then stirring in a sprinkling of newness. 
In canvassing friends for their 'alternative' Christmas traditions, we've come to realise just how varied Christmas Days really are. Any 'set formula' is only really set in your mind. In truth, it's ripe for disruption.
There are those who kick start their day with an eight mile run, then those who resolutely won't leave the house all day. Those who drink sherry for breakfast, and those who hold out until after lunch then go zero to a hundred with a Frozen Cheeky Vimto. Those who dress up to the absolute nines, and those who insist whole family (pug included) don matching pyjamas all day.
When you really drill down into it, there's not a right or wrong way of doing things, there's a just delicious and inspiring messy jumble - a gallimaufry if you will. 


If there's one social media feed that really eats the others for breakfast at this time of year, it's Islands Chocolate's. 

Bored of brandy butter, christmas pud and the rest of that old crew? Sub in a soft and fudgy Chocolate & Hazelnut Bundt Cake or White Chocolate Truffles instead.


This end, we're still blushing bright after being quoted in The Guardian, followed by a lovely mention in Country & Town House.

We're front and centre in their article that asks: 'Could 2024 be the year non-alcoholic wine takes off?'

The answer? You better believe it.

Merry Christmas,

Luke x 

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