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⚙️ Table Talk #105: Old Wives' Tales: Fact or Fiction 👵


There’s something sort of wonderful about Old Wives' Tales.

They’re mysterious in origin and immovable in sticking power. They’re born out of feeling and folklore, yet somehow still survive in a world that prizes fact.

Today’s Table Talk dives into some of our favourites, shedding light on which are pure fable and which, perhaps surprisingly, are actually more fact that fiction.

The funny thing about Old Wives' Tales is that we learn them when we’re so young, it’s easy to simply not to question them at all. 

In fact, you’d be far from alone if you still believe any of these…

You’ll Sink If You Swim After Eating: Not strictly true, but quite conceivably a clever line from a mother that really enjoyed a good digestif - and we don’t blame them.

You Should Pee On Jelly Fish Stings: It’s an iconic scene in Friends, yes, but that doesn’t make it any more factual. A delicate tweeze of the stinger, followed by good long soak will stand you in better stead - and smell.

Turkey Makes You Tired: Yes turkey contains tryptophan, which helps create melatonin (the stuff in those sleepy pills prescribed for jet lag) but it’s almost always the trimmings you’ll have alongside Christmas or Thanksgiving that’ll bring on the waves of tiredness. Carbs and boozing, yup, sure recipe for snoozing.

The flip side, is a fun side.
There are a bundle of Old Wives' Tales you may have raised an eyebrow at, but really don’t need to.
Red Sky At Night, Shepherd's Delight: Not a wild untruth. A red sunset means lots of dust particles hovering in the sky, creating high pressure and stable air - the ingredients for a good weather.

Long Labour Means A Boy: Yes, there’s many a myth that get banded around when it comes to guessing the gender of a baby. But, in a study of 8000 births a direct correlation has indeed been made between long labour and baby boys.


 And to wrap, our favourite. 

Cheese Will Give You Weird Dreams: In an investigation by two hundred noble volunteers at the brilliantly named British Cheese Board, the majority of participants did indeed report funkier night's sleep than normal. We still have no idea whether this is fact or fiction, and whether the (now disbanded) Cheese Board had vested interests, but we love them for their passionate commitment to research.

These past few weeks, I've taken a step back and handed the reins to Bella whilst welcoming a little someone into the world.

And whilst that has brought with it a whole host of new experiences, what's not new is our desire to bring our wines to you in new and interesting ways.

For you East London dwellers, you can find us at Wine Yard this Sunday and for those who prefer the digital realm, our wines go live on Dry Drinker this weekend.

Roll on the festive season,

Luke x

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