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⚙️ Table Talk #99: Posh, Becks, Eggs & Soldiers 🥚

Some duos are iconic.
Tom & Jerry. Ant & Deck. Posh & Becks. Del Boy & Rodney.
They just go together. In many ways their brand IS their unity and it’s the same when it comes to food.
Today’s Table Talk delves into the food pairings that have become true cultural icons.


Embrace...summer's second coming, escape to the coast and explore these top twenty best beachside chippies.

Paint... your walls red, Ketchup red, with this iconic new brand collaboration between Lick and Heinz.

Question... whether dog ice-cream is a thing, or just a summer fling.

Ask someone visiting the UK for the first time what foods they want to try and more often than not you’ll hear fish & chips, sausage & mash, egg & soldiers, cheese & crackers. 

They’re not our showiest of dishes, but it’s their simplicity that attracts. An Ottolenghi salad has a lot of ingredients to get your head around - eggs and soldiers don’t. 
There’s something about the way these famous duos combine texturally too. Try mopping up an oozing bit of Bree with a crunchy cracker, or loading up a sausage with smooth, creamy mash without thinking them pretty perfect textural twosomes. 

These duos are true classics, irresistible in their togetherness, elevated by each other.

Fish & Chips
Photo Credit: J Shepherd - Getty Images

Setting famous combos to one side for a minute, potentially even more interesting is the number of combos us Brits prefer to keep under wraps and enjoy in private.

It was only when revealing my childhood love for the peanut butter & ham sandwich in Table Talk #2 that I realised it maybe wasn't "a thing"...

Reportedly, a chunky twenty-two percent surveyed admit they have guilty pleasure food and drink combos they keep a secret, worried about the eyebrows they’ll raise. 
So there we have it, a perfect dinner table conversation starter and a half - what combos are you hiding under your hat?

Anyone else team ice cream and crisps..? 🤭

Tortilla Chip Ice Cream
Photo Credit: Rocky Luten, Food 52


A big fan of simplicity in food is Toto Wolff, CEO of Mercedes Formula 1.

In race week, he goes as far as preordering pumpernickel bread with ham and butter every single day. We’re not sure we’re camp Toto on this one, but we're equally not sure we could manage a Formula 1 team.

Listen to Toto's recent Desert Islands Disk interview here.



Growing a drinks brand is a bit of a mad dance. The opportunity is endless, but so too is the legwork.

You want nothing more than to be showing up everywhere someone might be looking for wine whether online, in shops or restaurants - but the reality is that it's a marathon not a sprint and these things take time.

We've long admired THE PIG and their quest to turn the country house hotel world on its head, just as we're trying to upturn perceptions around alcohol free wine.

It's for that same reason, we're really thrilled to announce that this month our white wine, Piquant, launches across each and every one of their sites. If you wanted to do us a massive favour, be sure to order a glass next time you're there.

Until next Wednesday,

Luke x

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