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⚙️ Table Talk #98: Swinging September 🙃


September is one of those months that can swing both ways.

It dallies between seasons, still serving up snippets of summer yet all the while flirting with autumn. That’s its charm in many ways, but it does give rise to the question - what on earth shall we cook tonight?

Read on for a generous portion of shoulder season recipes.


🍡 AMUSE-BOUCHES 🍡 this giant fast-food costume that fetched more than $16,000 in a Canadian auction.

Question... whether cauliflower perfume is what your life's missing.

Read... about Jamie Oliver's plans to open a restaurant within his Essex home.


The Germans have a wonderful word ‘hinterland’ which refers to an area lying beyond what’s visible or known.
Despite the fact that all of us have lived many seasons and many years, there’s still somehow a sense of surprise when a new season beckons. It’s en route, but it’s not here and we’re not quite sure how to feel or for that matter what to cook.
Picnics feel past it, barbecues are on borrowed time, but hearty stews and pies and feel premature so what to do?

Chipotle Grilled Aubergine, Whipped Ricotta 
Photo Credit: Chef Helen Graham, Bubala London - Homes & Gardens

Our recommendation? Lean into recipes that celebrate the fruit and veg still scattering our fields and hedgerows: fennel, figs, cucumber, courgettes…the list could go on (and does here).

Bookmark the BBC Good Food september recipes page and try…

Fig, Burrata & Prosciutto Tartine -> sounds fancy, takes ten

Aubergine, Halloumi & Harissa Skillet Bake -> one pan wonderland

Beetroot Biriyani -> easy breezy to freeze
Head on to House & Gardens to find…
Prawn & Courgette Risotto -> easy, creamy and warming

Grilled Courgettes With Zhoug & Pistachios
 -> bright colour, bold flavours

Chipotle Grilled Aubergine Agridulce with Whipped Ricotta -> the starter you won't want to share
Shoulder season eating means shoulder season drinking and our crisp, citrusy Cuvée is perfectly placed for this.

Fig & Hazelnut Cake
Photo Credit: Delicious Magazine


Yes, that was all a tad savoury, but September’s bounty lends itself beautifully to sweets too. Delicious Magazine has everything from Plum Ripple Ice Cream With Walnuts to Fig & Hazelnut Cake.


As much as one can try and tell a story on a website or social media, there's something unbeatable about the chance to introduce your brand and tell your story in person.

This weekend we got to meet a bunch of you at Pub In The Park, Chiswick. A huge thank you to everyone who came to visit our pop-up, tried our Cuvée and stocked up on a few bottles. 

We've started this week wearyish but buoyed.

Until next Wednesday,

Luke x

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