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⚙️ Table Talk #96: The Ultimate Sandwich Tour 🥪


Today's Table Talk takes you on a guided tour of London's hottest sandwich spots.

From what we can tell, you lot love a recommendation, especially when it comes down to where to fill your stomachs or quench your thirst. As such, we've dedicated a whole edition to exactly that today.



Welcome... to the wonderfully whimsical and weird world of Le Puzz, the puzzle company that wants you to find your inner piece, laughing all the way.

Laugh... at the food industry's very public love affair with Blue Roll, yes the stuff made for mopping spills has its own dedicated fan page.

Dive... into the extraordinary tale of Ocean Fathoms, the Californian wine brand forced to destroy 2000 bottles after illegally ageing them on the ocean floor.


Before we kick on with our tour, let's first roll back the clock.

If legend is true, the inventor of the sandwich was John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, who sought a snack that would complement his gambling habit and allow for minimal distractions even mid play.

The counter story says he was a diligent Earl, so dedicated to his duties at the Admiralty and so often missing luncheon as a result that he needed a stop gap meal he could eat at his desk.

Either way, it's undisputed that the Earl made the sandwich high fashion, and it has remained in vogue ever since, so much so that some of London's trendiest eateries are dedicated exclusively to the humble sarnie.

An influencer before his time.

Harissa Beetroot, Roasted Shallot & Salsa Verde Sandwich
Photo Credit: The Dusty Knuckle Bakery

Enough ramble, onto the tour itself. 

If you're mad for sandwiches, treat this as a pilgrimage and follow the loosely logical flow below; if you merely love a sandwich, take your time and go easy, lord knows you'll need it once you start eating.
  1. Max's Sandwich Shop - Its name proceeds it, but for good reason. This is the Mecca of sandwichdom and a stones through from Rowans if you fancy a fix of retro-style 10-pin bowling while you're in the area

  2. The Dusty Knuckle Bakery - Dalston - We rate the vegan Harissa Dressed Beetroot, Roasted Shallot & Salsa Verde Sandwich - more than worthy of its triple barrel name. Just around the corner from Dalston Curve Garden too if you fancy a soda or beer perched amongst shrubbery and chic east Londoners after

  3. Dom's Subs - We're suckers for good typeface and Dom's Subs had us at D. You'll have to order one of these beauties online for collection or delivery but you won't be far from London Fields if you fancy sitting there to munch, or even having a splash in The Lido next  

  4. Johnny Schnitzel - Self proclaimed 'Tastiest Schnitzel in Ldn' this sarnie lives up to the hype it makes for itself. Halal certified too. Not far from The Holy Tavern, a time warp and icon in London's pub scene

  5. Sons + Daughters - Located within the architectural beauty Coal Drops Yard it feels pretty fitting that the Sons + Daughter sandwiches are structural feats too. Choose takeaway and enjoy sitting canal-side with a kombucha from Sons + Daughters or beer from House of Cans

  6. Panadera - This Filipino Bakery pushes the boundaries when it comes to sandwich innovation. Their flavourful creations, burst with unique combinations and nod to their Filipino culinary heritage
So there you have it, our gift to you - the ultimate sandwich sweep. 

Harissa Burford Brown Eggs, Miso Mayo, Truffle Crisp Bun
Photo Credit: Jacqueline Barbosa, Sons + Daughters 


For a sweet, sweet ending to your sandwich tour, choose to wrap up at either Sons + Daughters for a Chocolate Soft Serve With Cinnamon Bun Crumb or Panadera and try their Brown Sugar Taho Boba



At Wednesday's Domaine HQ, we're often plotting where you'll be able to find our wines next. 

Last Sunday, we were so excited to see a number of you at the event we co-hosted alongside Loah Beer and Botivo - a bunch of our friends in the low and no alcohol space.

Our Instagram is the best place to find out about future events, so check out and do give us a shout if you're ever on the lookout for an interesting No/Low option at an event you're involved with.

Until next Wednesday,

Luke x

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