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⚙️ Table Talk #97: The Grandfluencers 👵


Today’s Table Talk delves into what we can learn from Nans on the net.

While the average age of a content creator may be thirty-something, the over 70’s are a fast growing breed and it’s their words of wit and wisdom we're particularly taken by.

Want to know how to roll homemade pasta, grow green fingers or age unapologetically? It's the grandfluencers we recommend following.



Discover...the Scandinavian Forest Retreat 'Mosseum' featuring 10 cabins that unite modern architecture with the ethereal charms of moss and wood.

Marvel... at how Onslow, Bruges' hottest new restaurant, is making itself famous with clashing fonts and word marks.

Admire... the dedication of the Italian Cheesemakers who are adding edible microchips to their wheels of Parmigiano-Reggiano in an endeavour to prevent food identity fraud.


Social media has given a microphone to millions.
One growing group of creators we’re particularly enamoured by however are the ‘grandfluencers’. 

They know life is for living and they've got the stories to prove it. Their worldliness, their wit, their wisdom mean that when they make a recommendation, you're that much more inclined to go with it. When someone in their eighth, ninth, even tenth decade is showing you how to go about things, you can't not aspire.

It’s the authenticity that makes something like Pasta Grannies, the YouTube channel with 53 million hits attractive. How can one not fall for real Italian nonne rolling delicious, traditional, handmade pasta. The skills and traditions that individuals like Concettina, Irma and Rosetta bring to the table are more than worth savouring.


Biggina Cooking Fettuccine With Rabbit Sauce 
Photo Credit: Pasta Grannies 

In other corners of the internet there are endless inspiring over 70’s. 

For gardening tips and veg-centric recipes we love Lagetta Wayne a.k.a. Grandma's Garden. We’ve got everything from her fried tomato recipe, how to harvest videos and collection of hats bookmarked.

For a lesson in irreverence, there's the iconic Helen Vanwinkle a.k.a.Baddie Winkle who's social media handle reads "Stealing Ur Mans Since 1928" and who at the age of 95 still actively campaigns for body positivity and against one dimensional views of beauty.

For encouragement to get moving there's Joan MacDonald a.k.a. Train With Joan who decided age 70 she wasn't going to let heart problems or arthritis get the better of her and who's since inspired millions to flex their age.

The thing that unites these three? Their appeal whatever your age.

Baddie Winkle
Photo Credit: Women's Health


If all the talk of pasta has you pining for penne, the quickest fix we can recommend is an order from Super Nonna - the pasta delivery start-up that delivers huge flavours, generous portions and honest ingredients straight to your door.



If someone sidled up next to you and asked what the world's leading wine publication was, you'd probably give them one look and walk off. However, for those so inclined, many would say Decanter - a hub of educational content and inspiration.

Last week, our Summer Cuvée was included in their Great Summer Drink Ideas roundup where it was described as "Light and refreshing, with delicate red cherry notes, it’s equally good on its own or paired with fresh summer salads."

Decanter is iconic and we're tickled pink.

Until next Wednesday,

Luke x

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