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⚙️ Table Talk #85: Togas, tequila, tagliatelle🍝


Hosting is an art, in and of itself. 

An art that some have natural flair for, yes, but an art that can be learnt and mastered also.

Whether you find hosting pure pleasure or pure pressure, today's Table Talk is an ode to a hosting hack we believe can work wonders.


Infuse: olive oil with basil and dress up your drizzles

Feast: on the delicious symmetry of The Central Post Office, Verona

Discover: the love and mastery it takes to make Parmesan 


There's something irresistibly tasty about fresh pasta made from scratch in front of you.

The only thing better? Cracking the egg, rolling the dough and teasing out those tendrils of tagliatelle yourself.

It's almost impossible not to enjoy a parcel of ravioli you've rustled from scratch. Odd dimples, imperfect crimping, absolutely part of the charm. 

Our ultimate hosting hack? Buy a pasta maker, swat up on how to use it, then conscript your guests as sous chefs.

Delegate the mixing, kneading, rolling and drying while you blast together some fresh pesto. Voila, they've practically hosting themselves, and it's almost a guarantee they'll find the fruits of their labour delicious. Love is blind, after all.

Like the idea, but LOVE convenience? Pasta Evangelists have your con job covered.

A classic clothes rack repurposed 

What comes next is a once a year extravaganza, but boy is it worth it...

Want to take the dinner party next level? Well, answer me this. 
What do angels, absinthe and agnolotti have in common with togas, tequila and tagliatelle?

They're both alliterative. They follow the same flow of costume, drink, pasta. They've both been themes of great pasta parties. Surely there's a police officers, piquant and pappardelle party just waiting to happen? Or sea creatures, sanguine and scialatelli?

If you stage one, please send photos. We'll make sure you're rewarded.

A diligent guest, dressed to impress


If having read about all things Italian you're feeling the urge to indulge further. We recommend watching A Bigger Splash and bathing in the beauty of Luca Guadagnino's work. Beautiful people, wardrobe, tablescapes and a twisting and turning storyline. 


This week marks the first week that I'm (formally) taking one step sideways from day to day marketing, having enlisted a little troop of marketers to help me, so I can concentrate on getting Wednesday's Domaine deeper and deeper into the wild!

Until next Wednesday,

Luke x

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