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⚙️ Table Talk #94: The Dull Men's Club 🥱


Today's Table Talk delves into the joys of life's slow lane.

While there's lots to be said for living fast and vibrantly, jumping into life with both feet first, so to can we learn from the decidedly dull and unashamedly inspiring. 


Imagine... making a caesar salad that out-dresses your guests, now stop imagining and put anchovies on the shopping list.

Tired... of trawling airbnb and convinced there must be another way, discover small places with soul for your next hideaway.

Think... you own a cool cat, think again.

Arriving on the Dull Men's Club website, you're greeted with the warm reassuring welcome... “It’s OK to be dull.”
In fact, here, it's positively encouraged. The Dull Men's Club is not about chasing newness or achieving more, it's about celebrating the joy in the everyday, the beauty of the ordinary, the dazzle of the dull.

The homepage is a shrine to the mundane be that a shoutout to the Schnitzel Appreciation Society, brick collecting or the colour beige.
Whilst cyberspace might try to stir up in us a fear of missing out (FOMO), really, we should relish the joy of missing out (JOMO).

It then serves up a useful list of questions that help dull men (and women) self identify. You might be a dull man prefer to ship UPS because of the colour of its trucks and uniforms - being one of our favourites. 

Neil Brittlebank, Brick Collector 
Photo Credit: The Dull Men's Club

You might be asking if we've gone cream crackers. How and why does The Dull Men's Club link back to Table Talk and Wednesday's Domaine?

In truth, there are many ways.

At Wednesday's Domaine our raison d’être is making everyone feel welcome regardless of what bottle, or interests, they're bringing to the table.

Table Talk, in turn, celebrates the simple pleasures of good food and good company. We've been known to dedicate whole emails to our love of cabbage and reverence of toast.

When you get in the habit of slowing down and rejoicing in the small things, you realise that every single day has boundless moments of joy, just waiting to be uncovered and celebrated. 

King Cabbage
Photo Credit: Debby Hatch - Lopez Island Kitchen Gardens


Typically we use this little soupçon at the end of Table Talk to mention something different and lead you, the reader, down one final meandering path.

Today we can't resist giving one final mention to The Dull Men's club, specifically the short film they recorded back in 2015: Born To Be Mild.

As one person in the comments puts it, one watch of this is much cheaper than therapy.


When I started Wednesday's Domaine, I realised fast that I was going to have to get used to talking about the business and what we were up to, if anyone aside from good friends and my parents were ever going to hear about it. 

When other people start doing the talking for you it's a real pinch yourself moment. This last week we were featured in Restaurant Magazine's trend roundup, awarded ‘Best Alcohol-Free Wine Producer 2023 - UK’ at SME News’ Business Elite Awards and I chatted all things alcohol-free on the Boodil podcast. 

It feels so exciting that after just one year so many people are curious to learn more about Wednesday's Domaine. It's with huge thanks to all of you that we've got this far.

Until next Wednesday,

Luke x

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