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⚙️ Table Talk #89: Killer Conversation Starters💥


If you're reading this, chances are you're a lover of meandering, meaningful conversations. The kind sparked by great questions.

Today's Table Talk shines a spotlight on The Proust Questionnaire. A set of questions designed to delve into a person's true nature whilst chewing over everything from love, to fame, to virtue.

Rocket fuel for a fascinating dinner table discussion.


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In the way that a fire-lighter sparks bright, blazing campfires. The Proust Questionnaire makes perfect kindling for bright, blazing dinner party conversation. 

The questionnaire has its roots in a parlour game made famous by the French writer, Marcel Proust in 1886. What's fascinating is how little the set of questions which Proust answered back then have aged over time.
It seems we humans are just as fascinated in each other's greatest fears and regrets. We're just as curious about one another's greatest extravagances and treasured possessions. And we're just as keen to wonder what person or thing one would want to come back as, should you live again.

Marcel Proust   -   Photo Credit: Alamy

Proust answered all these questions, twice in his life. The first time in 1886 and the second in 1890. All his answers make great reading, but a couple we love. 

When asked his favourite occupation, he replied "loving" and when asked the quality he most liked in a man, he replied "feminine charm".

We also love Proust for his excellent moustache.



If you've been there, done that and exhausted the Proust Questionnaire, another great place for questions that inspire conversations on everything culture, love and life is The School of Life. 

They offer courses, event and publish books but the real conversation kickstarters are their question cards.


This week we've been basking in good news. Our Piquant has been awarded Alternative Drinks Bronze 2023 at the International Wine and Spirit Competition! 

This is our first industry award and we couldn't be more excited about what it says for our wines and the wider No/Low space. Winning awards like this helps grow awareness and credibility and we can't wait to bag a few more in years to come.

Until next Wednesday,

Luke x

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