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⚙️ Table Talk #90: Our Latest Neighbourhood Tour 🍨


It’s Table Talk time.

This week we’re back with our exclusive neighbourhood tours. Back in December we took you on a ride around Tooting in the southwest of London. This week we’re migrating east across the city to East Dulwich and Peckham. Whether you live in London or plan to visit at some point soon, this duo should be on any self-respecting food and drink lover's radar...

The neighbours, whilst like chalk and cheese in character, unite in both bringing to the table some of the capital's finest eating and watering holes, plus many destinations where you can enjoy a glass of Sanguine or Piquant while you’re there.


Visit: Peckhamplex, the independent six screen cinema, where tickets cost less than a fiver

Discover: The spirit and freedom of outsider art with a tour around The House of Dreams 

Listen: Or join in with the live music at Skehan's on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday - the self proclaimed 'Purveyors of Craic' know how to host a good time

If it was my stomach alone dictating, I’d be setting down roots on Goose Green, a small sliver of a park bordering East Dulwich and Peckham. If you’re looking for a part of town that can keep your tastebuds on their toes indefinitely - you’ve found it. These neighbouring suburbs provide a veritable smorgasbord of eating and drinking opportunities. 

East Dulwich is decidedly villagey in feel. Highly accessible by overground train, it’s best explored on foot. You don’t need to walk more than two minutes from the station in fact before you’re upon Jones of Brockley, a family run speciality food store where things like cardamom, raspberry and toasted white chocolate ice cream are standard fare. 

Meander a few minutes down Lordship Lane and you’re at Moxons Fishmonger where you’ll find everything from wild turbot, to spanish olives, to truffle crisps on offer. Pop next door and you’ll find yourself in Mons Cheesemongers, where you’ll find slates and slates of beautifully arranged soft and hard cheeses. 

If your trip to East Dulwich falls on a day where you’re working then Oru coffee shop, co-work space and wellness hub will have you more than covered. It’s pink and unmissable.

Brickell's Ice Cream
Jones of Brockley, East Dulwich

As you then head east and into the vibrance of Peckham Hop Burns & Black is the perfect spot to stock up on craft beer (the Hop), hot sauce (the Burns) and coffee (the Black). If your Wednesday’s Domaine stash is looking low, you can top-up here.
We'd recommend you go to Peckham hungry, because you’re only going to leave full.

Start at the South African inspired Kudu and order their homemade bread with smoked bacon butter and sage, or shrimp if that's more you. Venture on to Peckham Bazaar, a hidden Ottoman gem nestled off the beaten track, for courgette fritters, kohlrabi and radishes. Finish at Forza Wine for custard and apricot soft serve and glass of something delicious. 

Kudu Bread & Butter


Assuming that your bank manager isn’t already ringing to report unusual spending, slip in a quick visit to Nunhead Green where you’ll find El Vermut - a store unapologetically dedicated to Spanish vermouth.

If at this point you can only think about putting your feet up The Old Nun’s Head pub homes a mish-mash of old furniture, modern British meals and is child and dog friendly too.

Babe Shark
The Old Nun's Head, Nunhead


This week I've been calling none of the shots, instead playing runner to my brilliant sister, an editorial photographer.

Together we've been shooting the new limited edition launch I alluded to in Table Talk 86 a few weeks back. Hold tight until this time next week where we break off the wax seal and spill all.

Until next Wednesday,

Luke x

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