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⚙️ Table Talk #91: Poetry In A Glass 🍷

Sunday’s Wimbledon Men’s Final was a curveball.

Alcaraz, despite being world #1, had never played on grass until this summer. Up against him was Djokovic, casually unbeaten on Centre Court since 2013. What ensued was an epic stand off, and an even more epic result for Alcaraz and for Spain.
It feels almost serendipitous that this week at Wednesday’s Domaine we’re welcoming our very own curveball into the mix - our limited edition Summer Cuvée. Another Spanish triumph.


Feast: your way around London on a food tour with this Chubby Fellow 

Count: all 24 layers of chocolate cake at the Get Baked pop-up in Islington 

Visit: Edinburgh Food Festival, Edinburgh’s largest free-to-enter food festival kick starting this weekend alongside The Fringe

With Wednesday's Domaine celebrating its first birthday this past week and many of you readers new around here, our main course this week dives into the very essence of Table Talk.

Table Talk, as a rule, is NOT all about us. 

If you go on a date and the person talks only about themselves, it’s a turn off. For us, it’s no different with brands. 

While we do use a sliver of this newsletter to share our latest news, a bigger slice is always dedicated to a totally separate theme. Something that has intrigued or inspired us and which we in turn think might intrigue or inspire you. 

Table Talk’s raison d’être is to celebrate the wonderfully meandering conversations one can have across a dinner table. The type of conversations that take you beyond the things you think you should be talking about, and on into the (much more fun) unknown. 

An Enviable Tablescape
Somewhere in France

You might ask how wonderfully meandering conversations relate back to wine. We’re glad you did because last week we stumbled on an interview with Sir John Hegarty, wine maker and advertising king, which answers this very question beautifully.

“Champagne talks celebration, whiskey success. Wine? I think it enhances conversation, coming together, either over food or just meeting up. And conversation is one of the cornerstones of a civilized society…It can be serious, fun, romantic, engaging, depending on the wine you drink. But ultimately, it brings people together, it encourages an exchange of views. Highbrow, lowbrow. Whatever. It’s poetry in a glass – to fun at a BBQ."

We'll toast to poetry in a glass or balmy summer barbecues any day.


Since it's our birthday and we've broken all our usual rules around self restraint and modesty already, allow us one final indulgence in officially introducing our Summer Cuvée.

It is in short, sunshine in a glass. A delicate pink-hued beauty to while away those long summer nights. The perfect pairing for BBQs, patios and everything in between. 

The love child of our Piquant and Sanguine, a glorious accident of sorts but one we’re welcoming with open arms. Expect refreshing citrus notes overlaid with hints of red fruits. Expect this to be a sellout. 

Sunshine In A Glass


In the year since we launched, there have been innumerable people who've driven the business forward, starting with you, the readers of Table Talk. From a smattering of friendly folk who read the first few to the thousands of you who now read religiously every week, we couldn't do it without you.

What's more, here's to all the investors, brand builders, marketers, mentors, winemakers and many more who've shared the journey so far, and not least my wife, Hannah).

Until next Wednesday,

Luke x

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