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⚙️ Table Talk #92: The Picnic & Its Revolutionary History 🔱


We kicked off Table Talk 26: BBQ As An Art Form observing that anyone who has ever written a rambling piece of prose will tell you that where they ended up was often not where they began. Setting out to explore the history of picnics, we fell fast on the same realisation.

Since 'tis the season for picnics, this week's Table Talk is an ode to this beloved British pastime. One we can't help but embrace, rain or shine.


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Search 'the history of the picnic', head to that famed bible of truth Wikipedia and you're in for a treat. 

It reads, at first glance, like it's written for martians with exerts like "Picnickers like to sit on the ground on a rug or blanket" and "Tables and chairs may be used but this is less common" stating the seemingly obvious.
It goes on however to explain that picnics have not been around forever, in fact, in the grand scheme they're a relatively fresh import and not too long ago they were indeed a novelty warranting clear instructions. 

It’s said that The French Revolution popularised the picnic worldwide as French aristocrats upped sticks and took flight, bringing their picnicking traditions to pastures new.

In London, where a number of these French aristocrats landed, the Pic Nic Society was born and with it a series of indoor gatherings where each member was expected to bring their share of both theatre and gastronomy to the table.
James Gillray’s “Blowing up the Pic Nics"

Fast forward to the mid nineteenth century and the up and coming middle class moved this previously indoor affair al fresco.

So was born the picnic as we know it today. Typically a smorgasbord of sandwiches, snacks and finger foods, that go hand in hand with an array of drinks whether soft, hard or hot.

To me, the charm of a picnic is how simple a good one can be. Fresh bread, cheese, chutney...a glass of wine. You really can't go wrong.

Simplicity Rules
A Wednesday's Domaine Style Picnic


When we said picnics can be simple, we didn't necessarily mean that all picnics are simple. We've all experienced warm drinks, missing cutlery and soggy sandwiches, so here are some tips from the team to make it a real 10/10 experience.

Starting simple - bring a bottle opener. Forgot that? No trouble, if you've got a hard-soled shoe you could still salvage the situation with this neat trick. 

DO NOT FORGET ICE. Nothing kills the vibe more than a warm beer or glass of wine. And if you don't fancy lugging a load of ice around, decant your wine into a flask beforehand (our friends over at Partner In Wine have you covered).

Keen to take things to the next level? Proper plates are a game-changer. We're not talking your grandma's prized china, simply something rigid that's going to bear the weight of your inevitably overfilled plate. 



The milestones are coming thick and fast right now. First our birthday, then the launch of Summer Cuvée and now this...

Last week was the first time in a long time that I've set my out of office knowing that someone else had everything covered. That someone else happens to be a real life colleague, Bella. Bella joined the team back in June and will be making sure that you see our wines popping up in evermore of your favourite restaurants, delis and wine shops across the country.

Onwards and upwards,
Luke x 

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