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🍋 Table Talk #70: You're Full Of... Lemon & Sugar? 🥞


If you’re reading this, chances are that you had a pancake last night. Chances are that you had a few pancakes, in fact, because no one has just one….


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Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday, as it’s traditionally known, has its origins in a time when religion provided a greater focal point in our lives. It signifies the day before Lent begins and historically saw households look to use their stocks of household staples such as eggs, flour, butter and milk before beginning a period of fasting.

Nowadays, the reality couldn’t be more different. It’s simply a chance to eat as many pancakes as humanly possible, to wheel out the slo-mo feature on your phone to capture attempts to flip a pancake, and to argue over which fillings complete said pancakes. 

Not only did last night come with upwards of four pancakes for yours truly, it also came with the revelation of how lucky I am - my wife and I enjoy the same toppings to our pancakes, the humble combination of lemon and sugar.

As things should be

Whilst stood in the supermarket briefly last night, a quick scan of other people’s baskets made me realise that others weren’t so lucky, or so inclined. Taking note of those baskets containing the giveaway items - flour, eggs, pancake mix - revealed some worrying accompaniments. Golden syrup is to be expected, albeit not welcomed in my house, but seeing creme fraiche, lardons and even some goat’s cheese chilled me to my core.

Those concerns were further cemented when bumping into a friend only to be informed that their partner only likes “American style” pancakes. American style?! Whatever next?!

Pancake Day does this to us - it brings out these long-held, often inexplicable preferences that we hold so dear. Replace pancakes with pizza and we could be arguing about toppings, or move the discussion onto condiments and you’ll surface similar fervour. When it comes down to it, we often can’t explain why we feel the way we do, we just know what we like and sure as hell know what we don’t.

The beauty is that it doesn’t matter. What’s magical is that we have these occasions every year when we down tools and make space to cook and to eat with friends and family, even if we don’t agree with what goes in or on their pancakes.


When we think of rum, we often think of the Caribbean. Sun-drenched islands and ice-filled cups full of the stuff. If you find yourself with 10 minutes spare this coming weekend, settle into this long read about how its production aims to capture some of the region’s inimitable spirit.


Rum being aged in Barbados


The last week has seen our wines served everywhere from castles to supper clubs, all in the name of providing people with quality alcohol free options. 

Our mission to become people’s midweek wine alternative is very much on its way, so get in touch if you’re hosting an event and are looking to make sure you’ve got everyone covered.

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