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🎬 Table Talk #73: Only Just Getting Started ⛰️


Wednesday’s Domaine officially turned two on Friday.

Two years since an idea became an incorporated business and over two years since many of you joined us on our journey to create the ultimate midweek wine alternative.


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“We’re only just getting started” is something you often hear entrepreneurs say in the media. Often the words are spoken in connection with a fundraise, a product launch or a big hire. Often the words sound like platitudes, something people say because they believe they should. 

The honest truth when it comes to our business officially turning two last week is that I completely forgot, the moment entirely passed me by without acknowledgement or ceremony. When the significance of the date did surface in my mind, so too did the words “we’re only just getting started”, surprisingly.

Early inspiration for our brand aesthetic

Having spent over 18 months developing products and a brand to bring to market and a further nine months convincing anyone who will listen to engage with those same products, it really does feel like we’re at the very start of something special.

It feels like we’re at the beginning of a generational shift in our collective consumer preferences. We’re not saying no to alcohol, we’re just saying no at certain moments. We’re making choices and being more deliberate in our actions. We’re waking up to what we want to do and how we want to live, knowing that we all stand to benefit from those decisions in the long run.

Now I get it. Now I understand those words. So on our second birthday, let’s raise a glass to speaking those same words however many years from now, knowing how exciting it is to feel that way. 

Serious fancy dress inspiration


 Love Fleetwood Mac? Love California and that endless summer aesthetic associated with the late 70s? Look no further than Daisy Jones & The Six to transport you away from these rain-soaked shores, if only for a little while.


Our friends over at The Sauce do a mighty good job of writing about all things food, drink and travel. They’re also fairly persuasive and have managed to convince us to give away three cases of Wednesday’s Domaine to several lucky readers.

We could do with some of that persuasiveness as we bid to win the Startup Awards’ Rising Star gong having recently been nominated. Results announced in early June and we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Thanks for all the love and support,

Luke x

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