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🕰️ Table Talk #75: Leaping... Backwards ☁️

Each and every Wednesday, we swing open the doors and invite you to take a seat around the table. This week is no different, albeit we’re cutting a slightly more sombre shape that we expected given that the clocks have just gone forward…

 Eat: Bristol’s culinary scene continues its glorious ascent
Admire: Max Woosey is coming in from the cold, what a character
Kitchen: take your batch cooking to the next level


Each and every Spring the clocks leap forward. It’s that magical time of year when things suddenly feel that much easier. Mornings become more palatable and evenings proffer endless possibilities as we imagine sitting in parks and lounging in gardens. That is until we remember that we have a job, live nowhere near a park and don’t have much of a garden to speak of, but still, we can dream…

That same shift in mindset has happened to me every year for as long as I can remember, except this year, the excitement was tempered. It was tempered by a feeling that I’m not quite done with the creature comforts that give winter its unlikely appeal.

Frosty mornings and brisk walks

Whether considering the idea of sitting down in front of a fire or settling in for a roast, it feels to me like we haven’t had our fill just yet. Comforting notions of spending an afternoon reading the paper or slumped in front of a film support us during the colder, darker winter months, and it seems that many of us aren’t quite ready for them to go back in the box just yet.

Perhaps it’s a product of the sweltering temperatures we experienced last summ
er, perhaps it’s the ever-growing number of responsibilities we all have that make long, languorous lunches fewer and further between… Who knows?! Whatever the reason, whatever the answer, I suspect I’ll deny ever having written this the moment the sun comes out. In the meantime, I’ll be planning a few last roasts whilst I still can and suggest you do exactly the same.


Where do we sign up for this airport greeting?


There is something utterly joyous about this video of Snoop Dogg touching down in Glasgow airport to the sound of Still D.R.E. - we need more of this in our lives.


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