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⏳ Table Talk #82: Shifting Sands 🍷


If I asked you to think of a wine fair, what comes to mind? The answer, I suspect, is one of two things.

Either you might picture groups of guffawing blazers, accessorising ruddy cheeks with abundant supplies of Bordeaux; or perhaps you would go for giggling groups moving quickly from one stand and knocking back wine like it was going out of fashion.

Well, my friends, we've spent the last few days at the London Wine Fair and the truth is very different indeed…


Alert: a GPS is useful, most of the time…

Grub: hats off to M&S for this garlicky food waste initiative

Eat: rest easy, P. Franco is back 


If this began as a reflection on a trade fair, what comes next is an exploration of how our drinking habits are changing, and fast. There was a time when asking for something alcohol free was normally met with one of two responses - a laugh and / or a warm Becks Blue / Kaliber hastily recovered from the back of the fridge (depending on your age).

As you all know, alcohol free options have exploded in recent years. Beers and spirits led the charge, with the quality and variety of options growing at breakneck speed. For a time, wines were left behind, but I’m pleased to report that that is no longer the case.

If this week’s fair was anything to go by, you’re in for a treat over the next couple of years. Innovative producers and game-changing brands will always emerge wherever they know there’s unmet customer demand, but what’s more pleasing is the reception these products are receiving from those who get them to you as consumers and customers in the first place.

Chilled and ready to go

Importers, distributors, restaurateurs and shop owners are all now seeking alcohol free alternatives, and wine is pretty much top of the list. Most of us would be surprised to find an alcohol free beer on a drinks menu these days, and give it a year, we’ll feel the same way about alcohol free wine.

Suppliers - whether those that move drinks from A to B or simply from the bar to your table - know that those same customers who enjoy a glass of wine on a Friday evening are searching out alcohol free options. They’re doing more than that, they’re demanding them. They’re making conscious choices and choosing where alcohol does and doesn’t fit into their lives.

The impact of this will be huge and whilst predicting the future is a surefire way to look silly not long after, we could not be more excited about being a part of shaping it.

Coming to a wine list near you soon...



The creeping arrival of summer means many things, chief amongst which is likely to be running out of ice at barbecues.

Get ahead of the curve and read up on this phenomenal guide to crafting ice and taking your hosting to the next level. 

Things are heating up here behind the scenes, so watch this space for more on our growing team in the coming weeks.

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