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⚙️ Table Talk #88: An Octopus's Garden 🐙🌻


It's hard not to know it was Glastonbury last weekend.

The festival, could hardly be more famous if it tried - except it doesn't need to because its groupies outnumber its capacity a thousand times over as is. While some cultural institutions divide, Glastonbury only conquers. 

Today's serving of Table Talk celebrates music, words and stories.

Rewind: the clock and take a visual tour of Glastonbury through the ages

Dive: into the art of conversations, exploring intimacy, interaction and human connection

Reconnect: to the story of our food with an afternoon of foraging at Tillingham

As humans we love to speculate.

"Who’s playing at Glastonbury?" is a question we find irresistible. Those four words can give way to hours and hours of debate.

One band that famously never played Glastonbury is The Beatles.  In 1970, the year the first festival at Worthy Farm took place (and admission was £1, including free camping and milk) The Beatles were mid breaking apart.

Today’s Main Course is an ode to a lesser known song of The Beatles Octopus's Garden and muses on the power of a holiday.

Octopus + Snorkeler

In 1968 tension in The Beatles had been rising and Ringo Starr took a vacation to Sardinia with his family to escape.

Whilst borrowing a yacht from Peter Sellers (Inspector Clouseau, The Pink Panther), Ringo found himself spending hours on deck in conversation with the captain, becoming enamoured by octopi and their collectomaniac ways.

Octopus are the magpies of the sea. They collect stones and shiny objects, then build gardens under the waves.

So inspired was Ringo by this discovery, he wrote a song, with it becoming The Beatles' song he was best known for writing.

So how the hell does that link back to Table Talk?, we hear you ask... For us, it underscores the magic of conversation, of taking time for yourself and of celebrating those seemingly small discoveries that can turn into something so much bigger.

Next stop, Sardinia. 


 We appreciate some are averse to eating octopus, and we get that, but for those tempted by a tentacle, this summer octopus salad with olives, pine nuts and olive oil is unforgettably good. An ode to Tuscany. Oh so delicious. 


Last week I chatted all things alcoholic free wine brands, with Ben Franks Wine.

We dived into everything from product development to the challenges of launching a brand in a fast-paced emerging market. If you're curious to have a read, check out the interview here

Until next Wednesday,

Luke x

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