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🥘 #32 - The Other Pink Wine... 🍇


This week needs no introduction - you’re probably running around like a headless chicken trying to cram five days’ work into three - so let’s dive right in.

🍇 Uncorking Wine 🍇

Chances are you’ve got a barbecue, a lunch or some other soon-to-be-rained-off social occasion coming up this Bank Holiday weekend. Chances are that you’ll inevitably be late for it or at the very least rushing to arrive on time, with the four day stretch having presented the illusion of time, a trap we’ll all inevitably fall into.

When we’re rushed, we revert to what we know and miss the opportunity to use that time to try or do something new. Today, I’m going to implore you to cast your mind into the future and think about the wine you plan to drink this weekend. I’m also going to implore you to make it Gewurztraminer, a distinctive beauty of a grape that hails from Alsace in northeastern France.

Gewurztraminer showcasing its lovely pink hue

Gewurztraminer showcasing its lovely pink hue

Not one to be outdone by its more popular cousins, Gerwurztraminer is a full-bodied beauty of a white wine. Its light pink hue derives from its unusually coloured skins, with the wine throwing off aromas ranging from floral notes through to stone and tropical fruits. Sound bonkers? It is a little. Sound sweet?

Again, there’s a bit of that but once chilled, it pairs wonderfully with spicy or salty foods. So grab yourself a bottle and use all that spare time you have this weekend to figure out how best to pronounce it…

🥭 Palate Cleansers 🥭

  • Foolproof plans for the Jubilee weekend.

  • How to make the cocktails you see in the movies. Margarita, anyone?

  • Get yourself down to Cornwall for the Hidden Hut’s Feast Nights.

🥘 Who Knew That Was The Story Behind?! 🥘

Paella, a dish that needs no introduction. Whether a bastardised version hastily pulled together during the midweek or one prepared with pomp and ceremony for the masses, it never fails to win a crowd over. A great example of a dish that enjoys endless variations, let’s take a look at how it all began.

Originating in the port city of Valencia, paella is believed to have evolved over the last thousand years. If it was the Romans that laid the irrigation systems that characterised the region, it was incoming Arab travellers that introduced rice hundreds of years later, a product which came to be grown across the region.

The ultimate sharing dish

The ultimate sharing dish

Whether the dish originates from the decision to mix leftovers from banquets or combining whatever could be pooled by those working in the fields, it’s agreed that paella takes its name from the unique dish in which it’s cooked. Ideally “one thumb deep”, but with a width that varies as required, its design is said to stem from the fact that firewood was limited in the region so the pan was designed to maximise contact with the heat from the flames and accordingly, the rice with the metal.

Some of you may like yours with meat, others with seafood, all that seems to matter is that you have enough people to share it with and that you start from the outside in, taking care not to agitate the rice (or your Spanish guests) by just digging in and taking your share.

🍷 What News From Wednesday’s Domaine? 🍷

Whilst unending supply chain woes continue to wreak havoc with our plans, we’re beginning to receive some very interesting inbound interest. Whether shops wanting to stock the product, restaurants wanting to add Wednesday’s Domaine to their list or those simply looking to serve something different at their events, the word is out and the energy is palpable.

Please do continue to spread the word amongst friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who will listen - Wednesday’s Domaine is coming soon, very soon (July).


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