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🪄 Table Talk #63: Do Things At Your Pace🚶


And just like that, we’re into the first week of 2023. Early January always feels a little bit like the beginning of a long walk - the excitement of getting going mixed with trepidation over quite how much ground you have yet to cover. The good news is that we’ll be here to accompany you through all of it, so let’s dive right into our first edition of 2023.


Look: Palm Report’s nostalgia-soaked image gallery.
Discuss: James Cameron commissioned a scientific report into Jack’s chances of survival on that piece of wood.
Read: the storied history of St John’s Wood institution, Panzer’s Deli.

 Do Things At Your Pace

Doing things by halves is often seen as a negative - the act of not quite committing to something dictating inevitably poor outcomes. Sure, that can be the case sometimes, but we also know that setting lofty and unrealistic goals can also breed disappointment and frustration, so in today’s edition, we’ll be celebrating the joy of taking small steps and bringing about healthy and progressive change.

Each and every January, we’re confronted with a deluge of tips, tricks and resolutions designed to kickstart our year and ensure that the 12 months that lay ahead are The. Best. Ever. Those headlines and articles can be alluring and the promised outcomes enticing, but as anyone who’s ever promised themselves or others that they’re going to read a book for 30 minutes each day, get up early to meditate or learn Italian will know, they’re often hard to stick to.

Tucking into a book need not be this much effort.

Funnily enough, a lot of the thinking and theory behind goal setting and bringing about change crosses over with our thoughts here at Wednesday’s Domaine. As a brand, and one that exists within the alcohol free space, we’ve long espoused the beauty and the joy of moderation, whatever that means for you. That’s not to say that we don’t support those abstaining from alcohol entirely or those that are just dipping their toe and hoping to quietly return to their daily glass of wine, more rather that we believe in doing things in a way that’s right for you and enjoying small adjustments at a steady pace.

So if 2023 really is the year that you want to change something in your life - start small, do it often, make it easy and most importantly of all, remember to enjoy yourself. Whether that’s swapping a glass of wine for a Wednesday’s Domaine when it’s your turn to cook, lacing up those running trainers or committing to speak to your nearest and dearest more often, there’s no time like the present. 

Films For 2023

If the festive period awakened you to the realisation that watching multiple films a day, multiple days in a row isn’t such a bad thing, then check out this list of what to expect in 2023.

If you’re looking for something to indulge in a little sooner whilst sheltering from the rain, go no further than The Swimmers - the inspiring tale of the Mardini sisters’ decision to flee war torn Syria and continue their Olympic dreams.

The Mardini sisters in The Swimmers


With the festive fun now behind us, we turn our attentions to Dry January. We’ve got a sense of what to expect, with tastings, events and press coverage all lined up, but it’s a step into the unknown having only launched last July. Whilst we can’t wait to welcome new faces to the family during a month when alcohol free options are very much in vogue, we’ll be here year round to support people to make better choices at certain moments.

Until next week,

The Wednesday’s Domaine Team x


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