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🪑 Table Talk #77: Setting The... 🍴


If I were to ask you what you loved about this time of year, what would you say?

Some might say longer evenings, others would probably wax lyrical about temperatures slowly inching their way up. The most popular answer, however, is likely to be the sheer number of Bank Holidays. Normally four, and this year, five…!

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Five. Bank. Holidays. I’m still struggling to get my head around it, even if my heart has already jumped ahead and is leaping for joy with the opportunities that presents. Whether it’s packing the diary or laying low, this stretch is entirely yours to make of it what you will.

For me and us here at Wednesday’s Domaine, it signals the opportunity to gather with friends and family. To send out hurried and excited invites, to dig out old recipe books and to lay the table in anticipation of guests arriving.

A lesson in laying the table


And whilst that comes with its own stresses, if I took anything from this Easter weekend, it was the joy that you can derive from an act as simple as laying the table. With our ever busier lives, we often find ourselves eating quickly before returning to work or slumping down on the sofa knowing that it’s an easier option with the kids. 

When you set the table, you’re setting an intention. You’re not only laying out cutlery and crockery, but a statement, one which says that you plan to sit rooted to that spot for a while, and you expect those around you to do the same.

Setting the table signals the beginning of something and a celebration of the way that food and drink bonds us, whether we explicitly acknowledge it or not. So whatever your plans over the next couple of months, let’s raise a glass to the quietly joyful act of laying the table.

A magical Easter Monday combination



Disco, funk, soul, jazz, roots and reggae. That’s a hell of a list and a blend of genres so beautifully captured in this playlist from our friends at Brilliant Corners.


One of the joys of the Easter weekend was receiving so many photos of you enjoying Wednesday’s Domaine up and down the country. Please do keep them coming and remember you can find them all right here.

See you next week,


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