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🗺️ Table Talk #64: Look Up 🏛️




Welcome back and well done on making it through the first week of January, a period that seems to make a mockery of our often busy lives as it stretches out endlessly before us.

With the excesses of the festive period in the rearview mirror, we’re excited to take stock and think of how we can make the most of what we have in 2023.


Eat: warm your cockles with Bre Graham’s Sad Herb Spaghetti.
Drink: swap out tomato juice this weekend and indulge in a Bunny Mary.
Listen: Stanley Tucci continuing his ascent to culinary superstardom on the Off Menu podcast.

Look up

We may have said that Christmas was in the rearview mirror, but allow us one last festive reference if you will… In the 2019 Wham-infused Christmas classic / clanger (delete as appropriate), one of the central protagonists urges other characters to “look up”, inviting them to take in the beauty of the city that they’re surrounded by.

At a point in time when we can’t move for headlines about rising costs and a worsening economic climate, all of a sudden this advice may well become the two most cost effective words you’ll hear this year. In today’s edition, we’re espousing the benefits of slowing down and taking the time to soak up your surroundings, focusing particularly on the joys of wandering through London’s streets and allowing you to be led by your nose and little else.

Central London is known for many things, but enjoying yourself for under a tenner definitely isn’t one of them. Fear not, my friends, that’s all about to change and we would urge you to start by getting yourself to Holborn, arguably the most central point of Central London

An oasis of calm and tranquillity

From here, take one of the alleyways that lead onto Lincoln’s Inn Field, London’s largest public square and an oasis of tranquillity endowed with endless park benches, beautiful greenery and its fair share of wildlife. Having strolled around there, you’ve got two options - nipping into the brilliant and very much free Sir John Soane’s museum or strolling into New Square, with its historic chambers and beautiful architecture. At this point, you’ve probably worked up a thirst, so we would recommend stopping in at The Seven Stars on Carey Street to reflect on the joyous mish mash that is our capital city and the way that it’s been shaped by hundreds of years of town planning, venerable institutions, wiley entrepreneurs and no shortage of happy accidents. 

Once you’ve enjoyed a drink, continue down past the Royal Courts of Justice and onto The Strand, where you’ll find a lesser-known (and free) Sir Christopher Wren church, St Clement Danes, that you may well recognise from a certain Bridget Jones film. By now you will have covered some ground, but push on into the cobbled and historic streets that lie just across the road, following your nose into the Middle and Inner Temples, luxuriating in the incredible architecture, hidden churches and sense that you’re enjoying a piece of London very few others do, and all for free…

So whether you’re based in London or not, take some time to soak up your surroundings and look for the small details that so often pass us by when rushing between one place and the next, smug in the knowledge that it won’t cost you a penny.

Skip to around the 1h mark to enjoy this archive footage of Keith Floyd cooking up a storm (and calling in backup) at a Galician monastery.

Come find us in Tooting this weekend


At this time of year, the spotlight is very much on the No/Low space and the options available to those looking to enjoy alcohol alternatives. We’re delighted to have been featured in The Evening StandardHello! and Gentleman’s Journal this week as we bid to get our wines onto people’s radars and into their hands.

And if anyone lives locally to South West London, we’ll be pouring Wednesday’s Domaine at Unwined Tooting this Saturday afternoon as they open up a wonderful selection of wines as part of their January “free pour” event.

Thanks as ever for joining us on the journey,

The Wednesday’s Domaine Team x

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