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🙏 Table Talk #72: Saying Thank You 🧡


Table Talk, as you may well know by now, exists to celebrate the conversations we have with friends and family around a table.

Those conversations take all manner of directions, but they rarely stray into those whose help and support we’re grateful for and today we’ve got a chance to change that.


Travel: keep it local with these magical British vineyards.
Meet: two women transforming the UK wine scene.
Drink: wrap up warm and enjoy some ice wine.


International Women’s Day sees millions of people get together to celebrate the achievements - big and small - of women across the globe. Today, we want to celebrate those who have made Wednesday’s Domaine what it is today.

To put it bluntly, there’s one person who has had more of an impact on the business than any other and you definitely don’t see her around too much. That’s Hannah, my wife, and she’s seen it all from day one - the highs, the lows, the tears and everything in between.

There was a time when a good 50% of our Instagram engagement came from one woman, and that’s my mum. That’s what mums are for and we love that. Need friendly faces on the ground for your first ever event? My sisters, Maddie and Ellie, had that covered. And all those newspaper clippings, industry articles and influencer posts? Anne, Sophie and Susan have those locked down.

The secret sauce behind Wednesday's Domaine

People often ask why the business is called Wednesday’s Domaine. Without a brilliantly creative lady called Suzie, it sure as hell wouldn’t be. And those labels and boxes that are oh so nice to look at? That’s down to Lisa.

Want to know who took a gamble on stocking the first bottle of Wednesday’s Domaine in their shop? That’s Jen at Hop Burns and Black. And the person who gave us a shot at Soho Works? None other than the indefatigable Jess.

From the brilliant female investors that backed the business when it was little more than an idea in my head through to Carole who has provided lunch at every single bottling run since we started, I’m enormously indebted to all the brilliant, kind, caring and unstoppable women who have helped shape Wednesday’s Domaine from day one.

So today, let’s celebrate that and raise a glass to this list being even longer next year.

Wednesday's Domaine on the front row down in Brighton

You've heard enough from me today, we'll see you again next week.

Luke x

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